About Us

Arrow Uniforms: An accumulation of years of experience in the textiles industry

Arrow Uniforms is a family owned and operated business, with a rich history in business development and support.

Arrow has been operating in Orange, New South Wales since 1999.

The business began with the vision of outfitting every staff member at all manners of businesses; from the front desk to the work floor.

What began as a family business partnership in 1999 - servicing local businesses - has blossomed to what Arrow Uniforms is today: a national company servicing a vast range of client industries based in every Australian State and Territory.

Due to the consistent adherence to marketing principles, Arrow has progressively developed to provide opportunity for the enhancement of a business’s image and its employees.

The overall result is that Arrow Uniforms is a market leader, providing uncompromisingly high quality products and workmanship; including outstanding client service and care, as well as an excellent price-performance ratio.